Your Crew, Our Care.

We provide total crew management solutions covering multiple nationalities.

About Us

Avior provides crew management to owners and shipmanagers in Europe & Asia. Through its network of own offices and dedicated partners, Avior is able to provide multinational manning solutions geared towards the specific needs of Owners.

Avior has offices in the Philippines, Russia, germany and the Netherlands and manages a growing pool of Seafarers for those countries

Avior Kaliningrad is a medium sized manning agent where Principals still matter. Avior provides and develops Russian Officers and Crew in most segments. Thanks to our size we customize our operations to suit your needs and quality standards.Coming from an Owner's background we are well aware of the daily challenges that Ship-owners and Operators face. This, together with a strong hands-on mentality, is how we distinguish ourselves from others. We have high demands on the performance of our staff and crew and are happy to share this exellence with you.

Our Services

  • A capable, well-trained crew onboard is the key factor in successfully operating a vessel. The human factor is of hgh importance to the Avior Group. Throughout the years, we have distinguished ourselves by cultivating our own pool of seamen who are well-educated and trained to provide quality service. We offer:

  • Directly controlled crew sources
  • Retention rate of over 98%
  • Crew clusters assigned to vessels
  • Targets for all ranks to promote within the company
  • Cadet program
  • The Avior Kaliningrad office is able to provide complete crews or a few crew members only. Most of our crew members are Russian.

    Cadet program
    To meet the high standards the emphasis is on development of own Officers rather than recruitment. The cadet program makes up the backbone of this strategy. Cadets performing well are offered sponsorships to finalize their training and studies to obtain an Officers' license.

    Through this program most of the cadets will have obtained their Officer's license within eighteen  months after first joining a ship. After this, the cadet will progress through the ranks as Officer Trainee (OT). As OT he will be required to complete several in-house developed trainings.  His performance and career development will be guided and monitored by the Personal Development System (PDS).